Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sugar Skull Online Tutorial and Class Reminder!

Hello Muertitas,

I was in the process of taking pics of my sugar skull making, when low and behold, one of my blogging homies posted a wonderful tutorial. Why re-invent the wheel, when I can just post her blog and introduce you to a juanderful blogger and artist? Her blog is called Rodrigvits Style and she has mad love for my culture! Can you blame her? haha, just keeding! Actually, she has a great eye and I love her style. I found her by way of lurking, and I am glad I did! Her blog has lots of color and texture and you can spend hours scouring over all her posts and links.

Anyhoo, she did a two part series on sugar skull making, and with her permission, of course, I am featuring her tutorial right here, but do go visit her page, I guarantee, you will mark it as your favorite, as did I!

Oh, and before I forget, for you local Locas, do come out tonight to Side Show Studios, I will be doing a workshop on said sugar skulls and you will be decorating your very own for your "Ofrenda"

Come and play with us!

Ok, feast your eyes!

Sugar Skull Tutorial...part 1

Skull page

Let's make Sugar Skulls, those colorful...decorated skulls that hold infinite possibilities for art and fun. You can find everything you need including molds, icing powders and meringue powder at www.mexicansugarskull.com


This is sooooo easy, mix 5 lbs of white sugar (this is a GREAT use for the stuff), 1/4 cup meringue powder and 10 t water. This makes enough for about 14 medium skulls, fronts and backs.


Mix all ingredients by hand for about 5 minutes...until it is the consistency of beach sand, the white sugary kind of Florida beaches...


Get a helper if you can to cut out pieces of cardboard and to cut out the skull molds while you are mixing.

Sugar skull4

Said helper may even take photos of you pushing the sugar mixture into the molds....thanks Mr R...

Sugar skull3

Flip the mold onto a piece of cardboard, the mold will slip right off.....

Sugar skull5

and let them dry for 12 hours, you may need to go out for dinner since the kitchen table is otherwise occupied.

Finished skulls

Mix up a small batch of icing to 'glue' the fronts and backs together....

Part II will be using the same meringue powder with powdered coloring to make the icing and decorate the skulls....

Sugar Skull Tutorial....Part II


After the sugar skulls have dried it's time to have some FUN with them...

Sugar skull painted

the traditional way to decorate is to mix the meringue powder with powdered sugar, water and dry, powdered food coloring. Mix with an electric mixer for 10 minutes then put in pastry bags and use different shaped tips to create your designs.

Sugar skull painted3

The sugar skull mold I used was fairly small and all those steps to make the frosting didn't agree with my 'instant gratification' attitude. I found that glitter glue pens work REALLY well....I also tried painting gesso on one skull and had some very interesting results. It started reacting with the sugar...'I'm melllllltinnnnggggg'...and the glitter glue ate into the surface. The effect is this bumpy texture and embossed design.

I love it!

Sugar skull painted6

So, there you go....grab some pens and just go crazy!

I'd love to see yours....maybe they will be part of your Dia de Bloglandia celebration....drop me a comment if you are going to participate....only 1 week to go!


Oh yeah, she is having a Dia De Los Muertos celebration on her blog. How cool is that? Hope to see you there!


glorv1 said...

I visited Stephani's blog and saw her amazing work. I plan on participating in the Dia de Los Muertos. My first time and I am looking forward to seeing and commenting on yours. Great blog.

Sacred Yoli said...

Thanks Chica, I have lots of photos to upload of tonight's class. There was a lot of creativity going on!

PLO said...

I had so much fun making these last year, I wish I would have made some this year. Where does the time go? I love the shape of your mold...mine was a two part-er...a major undertaking for a first timer!

susanna said...

Stephanie rocks, doesn't she? Her tutorial is wonderful. Soooooo I'm wondering if you can help me regarding sugar skulls. I can't find the plastic molds and I'm guessing that I can't order them on time so I'm wondering if it's possible to make them without molds?

I'm in the process of making my ofrenda right now. Painting cardboard cups for the offerings. I wish I could attend your class, though! :)

Sacred Yoli said...

She certainly does!
I have never made them without molds. But give it a try. The merengue makes the sugar nice and stiff. You could make lil round balls and form them into shape. Or don't used sugar. Try paper mache, or clay. Or go to the dollar store and buy regular skulls, paint them white and add lots of color and glitter! Haha, I will make skulls out of anything!