Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mixed Media Hand Dyed Scarf Tutorial

Today, we will make these.

Finally, I had some tiempo to kick it in my studio and put together another free tutorial just for you. I love giving it away. I am really good at it, just ask my homies. Ok, I kid, I kid. What I mean is, I love teaching and sharing! This week was loaded with teaching ops. I recently taught two art classes at a middle school in Elk Grove, and I have a follow up gig at Sac State. I still wrestling with that gig, but I am sure it will all work out.

Oh, sorry for getting off point. Where was I, ahhh yes, a free tutorial just for you! You know how I do, I like to keep it cheap and easy. (shut up Krissi!) I love to find quick and easy projects that can be completed at the same time. Completion is a very big challenge for me. I love starting things, and when the novelty wears off, I tend to kick my projects to the curb. I don't mean to, it just happens. ::sigh:: I am digressing again. Sawry.

So, like I was saying, you can start and finish this project in less than an hour! Heck you can do it in 10 minutes if you want. But since it is so much fun, you will probably like to take your time to do it right. You know, nice and slow! Rarrw. (whoops, here I go again)

Mmmkay, here is your list of materials.

1 blank silk scarf. You can get them uber cheap here,
small spray bottle of rubbing alcohol.
Permanent markers, any brand will do as long as they are permanent ink. Today, I am using the wonderful Crafty Chica Brand. (by the way, I love the big juicy tips on these markers)

You can go crazy here. For today, I am using rubber stamps, and permanent ink. you can use any brand as long as it is ink based.
Beaded trims. (anything goes)
fabric glue. I used aleene's fabric fusion by Duncan.

supplies by you.

Step one.

lay your scarf on a protected surface. I used newspaper. Then grab your markers and get busy. You don't have to be super neat either. (trust me)

step one by you.

I am just doing a random drawing of flowers and then I am going to color in the flowers and loosely, apply color in the background.

step 2 by you.

After you have the look you want, you are going to start spraying your scarf with your spray bottle filled with alcohol. You can start lightly and just play with it. Don't be shy. Just remember, the more alcohol you spray, the more your colors will bleed. You can stop, let your scarf dry, and add more color and repeat the process as many times as you want. To dry my scarf, I just pick it up and swoosh it around in the air a few times. It dries in minutes.

step 3 by you.
After you are happy with your results, you can take it to the next level and rubber stamp some images in your background. I am using stayz on ink, but you can use any alcohol based ink and or even use fabric paint or more markers on your rubber stamps.

let dry by you.

for this demo, I used milagro rubber stamps. I also embellished some of my flowers with glitter.

To make your inks permanent and wash friendly, heat set your scarf with an iron on low setting.

You can stop here or your can add your favorite trims. by you.
Viola! Finito, just like that. You have a one of a kind custom Hand dyed silk scarf!
This project is kid friendly too.

Please feel free to share this tutorial amongst your homies, and do share your photos!

Keep it Sacred Chicas!


finola said...

Nice tutorial - so simple and so cute thanks

Funky Art Queen said...

oohhh i wanna try one of those. thanks for sharing this idea and tutorial. The scarves are lovely.

Tequitia said...

Hi Yoli, you won a print from my b-day giveaway. email me your addy at

3rdEyeMuse said...

you really do make it look and sound so easy! :)

Judy / IslandBroad said...

Awesome technique. I think I may try this for Mother's Day. My mom used to be heavy into scarf wraps so I think she'll dig this. Thanks for sharing!!! ♥

casserole said...

This is so cool!! I posted a link to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing Blog:

The Craftaholic said...

wow, this is beautiful! I love it! said...

Wow, this is gorgeous! I saw the link on the Crafty Chica where she showed us the scarf she made. So beautiful! I'd love to link to this if you don't mind.

Anonymous said...

Love this! Thanx!

Found a blog online where someones posted your tutorials without giving you any credit

I thought you'd wanna know :/

Sacred Yoli said...

Thank you for looking out for me. I truly appreciate it, however, no worries. I am also a part of the Scary Craft blog site!


Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

These are SO stunning! The colours are beautiful! :O)

Sacred Yoli said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Rebecca Lynne Mercer-Ward said...

Cool! I love this and am so gonna try it! By the way, I love your page and your attitude! You rock! Keep on blogging!

Rochi Silberstein said...

would think work on cotton too? great idea!