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Friday, October 26, 2012

Tutorial: Crafty Chica Sugar Skull Collage.

Hello my Sacred Artistas and lovers of all things Crafty.  I was given the beautiful opportunity to play and create a tutorial for you utilizing the wonderful products by Kathy Murillo, aka "Crafty Chica".  I was so excited, for I have been in need of a good challenge as well as a chance to play with some of her new products!

I was given a couple of sets of her colorful Iron on patches.  This gave me a chance to create two separate tutorials, So this will be El Tutorial number 1.

Don't sew or have a sewing machine or Iron?  No problem!  Iron On's are not just for fabric!  I wanted to create something outside the box, so I came up with this framed Collage. Using whatever I could dig up in my Studio.

Today, I will be showing you how to make this:

Of course you start off with one of these:

I used the larger piece, but hey, this pack comes with three in total!  That is a possibility of three different projects.  I love me some options!

I love getting a lot of bang for my buck, so I always challenge myself to use what I already have, and or try and find items on the cheap.  Here are the rest of your supplies you will need for this project.

Scissors, a sturdy glue, glue stick, broken bits of jewelry,  two different fabric trims, glittered scrap booking paper, two paper butterflies, two skully beads  and one frame.  (I purchased mine at the Dollar store)

Oh, and if you want to dedicate your piece to someone, I used some plastic alphabet beads.

1st step is to remove the glass from your frame.  You will not be needing it, however I did use it to trace my glittered background paper so that it fit perfectly in my frame.
After you cut it to size, use your glue stick and glue it to the backing of your frame.  Once it is glued, center your Crafty Chica Iron On Patch and glue it with your sturdier glue. When it's nice and secure, place and secure inside your frame.  (Trust me, you want to embellish after it is inside the frame.  I had a couple of redo's due to me over embellishing, and it not fitting inside frame)

Here is what it should look like at this step:

Step 2:  Now it is time to get busy.  Pick one of your trims, I use a very small red trim, and glue it around the inside of your frame.  (Like the pic below)

Step 3:  Next I glued a piece of jewelry on the center top and I layered it with a resin flower I purchased at a bead store.  After the glue was secure, I used my 2nd trim and glued it around the outer part of the frame.  See pic below.

Step 4:  I glued my skully beads to the tops of my paper butterflies, and then I glued them to each side of the Crafty Chica Sugar Skull Iron On Transfer.

I love the texture and three dimensional look this gave my collage.

Yeah, That is it!  You are done.  Of course you can go even further and embellish your heart out, but I just wanted to show you how easy it is to use just a couple of elements to make this standout piece.  I absolutely love how this came out, and I love the fact that we finally have more options in our craft stores, than just the usual pirate skulls.  (Yay)

While making this, I decided to dedicate it to my Abuelitas,  who have passed on. I was blessed with two amazing grandmothers, and I miss them dearly.  One was an amazing cook, and the other loved to sew and crochet. :-)  Both were very inspiring ladies! I am so going to include this in my home altar.  But I also think this would make a fabulous gift for someone you dig!

I hoped you enjoyed this tutorial.  Please feel free to share and/or Pin.  
Big Shout out to La Crafty Chica for keeping it crafty, sparkly and full of Vida!

 Click here to see if a Michaels store in your area is carrying the Crafty Chica line. LINK:

*I received this complimentary product(s) from as part of the Crafty Chica Design Team and was asked to share an original DIY project.*

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Altars for the Spirits/Offerings for the Living: dia De Los Muertos 2009

Hello Friends! I know I have been MIA from blogland, but I swear! I am alive and well! I wanted to give a shot out to a beautiful show that I will be part of! If you are in the San Francisco area on October 16th, please come by and visit us! In addition to exhibiting my piece, (pictures to come) I will also be vending my Sacred Graffiti hand bags and wallets!

Also, thanks so much for the great comments and encouraging words. Behind the scenes, I am still crazy busy with my day job, and I am still holding it down with the daily walks. Sometimes I will squeeze in two walks for a total of almost 6 miles a day! Wow, I never thought I would be a person who loves exercise, but it turns out, I have been keeping it up on the daily since early April. Who would have thunk? lol

Here are the details of the show. Tell a friend, and I hope to see you there!


Altars for the Spirits/Offerings for the Living: Dia de los Muertos 2009

Day of the Dead

Dedicated to Al Robles and Victor Mario Zaballa
When: Friday, October 16th through Saturday, November 7th, 2009
Where: SOMArts Cultural Center
934 Brannan Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
Extended Gallery hours: Tuesday—Friday, 12:00pm—7:00pm; Saturday, from 12:00pm—5:00pm

OPENING RECEPTION Friday, October 16th / 6:00pm / $5.00-$10.00 Sliding Scale Featuring Classical & Jazz Music by Mutual Admiration Org, Contemporary Mexican & Chicano Music by Liliana Herrera, Special Performance by Tania Llambelis & the Oakland Improv Collective
FIRST TIME EVER: Artist Market of Dia de los Muertos crafts and artfor sale in our Theater!
CLOSING RECEPTION Saturday, November 7th / 6:00PM / Free
Join our flickr group and submit images to be part of our exhibition

Rene Yañez and Rio Yañez Curators, Nick Gomez Architect

Exhibiting Artists
Patricia A. Montgomery, Elizabeth Addison, Dena Al-Adeeb, Susana Aragon, Adrian Arias, Azul Arias-Aragon, Mara Barenbaum, Jesus Barraza, Virginia Benavidez, Nathaniel Bolton, Nic Bucchi (AKA Flynt, )Carla Caletti, Melanie Cervantes, Deborah Cohen, Alicia Cruz-Hunt, Rick Darnell, Lucinda DeNatale, Kathy DeRosas, Lanell Dike, Annamarta Dostourian, Candi Farlice, Gisela Feid, Juliet Flower MacCannell, deCoy Gallerina, Santiago Gervasi, Francisco Gomez, CJ Grossman, Peter Gurein, Bjorn Heinbach, Rosa Hernandez, Carol J. Stewart, Melinda Johson, Caylly Jones, Fredda Kaplan-Robles, Gina Lim, Philip Long, Ytaelena Lopez, Dean MacCannell, Yoli Manzo, Jeff Marshall, Cris Matos, Susan Matthews, David Molina, Steve Molina (AKA Stix), Fernando Montiel, Mary Molly Mullaney, Carla Oden, Aydasara Ortega, Cassandra Parshall, Txutxo Perez, Audra Ponce, Brenda Rasmussen, Renaldo Ratto, Denise Richards, Russell Robles, Veronica Rojas, Michael Roman, Jeff Roysdon, Enrique Salazar, Nick Salazar, Jos Sances, Nicole Schach, Valerie Schlafke, Shizue Seigel, Malik Seneferu, Julie Slinger, Rosario Sotelo, Ilona Sturm, David Tafolla, Lia Tealdi-Heinbach, Cynthia Tom, Elka Vera, Ellen Vogel, Marcy Voyevod, Alain Waeber, Wilton Woods, Rio Yañez, Rene Yañez, Victor Mario Zaballa