Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy April 1st! #Gelliarts painting tutorial

Happy April everyone!  Lately,  I have been on a creative roll!  I feel bad, because I don't post on my beloved blog as much, but with all the other easy social media sites, I just can't keep up anymore!  If you would like to keep up with me, you can find me here, here, and Here I am always posting pics of my latest creations.  However, I do want to make a commitment to reserve this blog for tutorials, techniques, and features of products that I feel are mind blowing. :-)

Speaking of which, I was introduced earlier to Gelli Arts Gelli plate.  A friend of mine brought hers in to share, and I couldn't stop daydreaming it.   If you haven't heard about it, it is a very easy way of mono printing with a gelatin plate. I haven't been the same, since! At first I tried to make my own "version" by rolling some paint on a flat surface to try and get the same effect.... Fail!  the gelatin has a little "give" to it and just distributes the paint to paper so much more easier and with more consistency.   

There are soooo many tutorials out there, look up Gelli arts at their site, pinterest and Youtube.  This product is inspiring lots of big named artists, as well as the newbie!

Mmmkay, the day before Easter, I thought I would decorate some eggs with my adorable nephew who is 6. I thought this would be the perfect project for him and I to do.  Very easy and quick enough not to bore a brilliant little mind.

Items used:
Gelli Plate
acrylic paints
plastic easter eggs
Sharpie paint pens.

Basically, you pick 1 to 3 colors and  spread them around with your brayer onto you Gelli Plate.  Note:  A little paint goes a long way. :-)

Then you roll your egg around the plate and load it with all the beautiful color.  Set aside to dry, and if you want, repeat the process with more colors, till you get the desired colors you want.

After they are dry, we came back with a black and white paint pen, and doodled on our eggs,  This is what we came up with.

This is step one, rolling our egg on our Gelli Plate.  

Here are some more!  (waiting for paint to dry)

 After they were dry "enough"  we doodled them with paint pens.


Here is a close up of one I hid in our water fountain.  (Good times)


Another favorite.


These were so much fun, and this project ignited even more insiration!  This tool is not limited to just paper prints.  Think Fabric, ATC cards, clothing, mail, etc.  the list goes on and on.  Please feel free to share your stories!

Salute, and Viva La Arte!



Rhonda H said...

Ok now put Gelli plate together with hand made stencils (I just got a Silhouette Cameo for cutting my own stencils) and what fun is that!!!

Carolyn Dube said...

Best Easter eggs ever! Thanks for sharing with A Colorful Gelli Print Party!

Gloria in CA said...

Awesome Easter eggs Yoli! I haven't tried the Gelli yet, but have been reading a lot about it. I may try it soon. Have a great day.

Vicky said...

Fabulous idea, will be trying this one next easter!