Friday, September 28, 2012

Mexican Paper Flower Tutorial!

Well looky who has a tutorial for you??  Yeah, I know it's been a while.  Ok, it's been a long while, but check it out,  I meant well!  I mean, I have been busy learning new tricks to share, right?  Well that's my excuse, and I am sticking to it!

Actually, I have been computer impaired and have been using my janky netbook in place of a computer, and well, lets just say, I rode that little pony as long as I could, but the poor little beast finally gave out on me, and I was limited to my internet through my microscopic smartphone.  So.......... Long story short, I bit the bullet and went and purchased me a gigantic lappy, a tablet and state of the art fancy pants printer, fax, scanner.

All of this brings me back to you!  I have missed yall, and if you are still here, bless you!  Ok, enough of my ramblings and onward to one of my favorite crafts!

So, I am penning this Tutorial, Mexican Paper Flowers, but feel free to insert your indigenous origin, and make it your own.  :-)

When I am done with you, your final product will look like this...
 And this.
Pretty, huh???

Ok, so to start off, I purchased a multi pack of tissue paper at the Dollar Tree, but you can find tissue anywhere, I just like to keep my craftyness on the cheap. This pack came with 25 sheets.

You willl also need some pipe cleaners and scissors.  (Thats it)

Step 1.  Stack about 7-8 sheets on top of each other.  (for this tutorial, I was making large flowers)
 Step 2.  You are going to start at the end closest to you and start folding accordion style, back and forth till you get to the opposite end.  See pic below.

 Step 3.  Grab a pipe cleaner and wrap around the center of your folded papers and twist nice and tight.

Below, is a picture of a bunch of them.  (I had to make 45 for a recent party.  Ayyee Dios Mio!)

Step 4.  I cut the ends of each side of my gathered stacks into an angle.  This step is totally optional.  You can also get fancy and cut them rounded, pointy, or just leave them "Be"

 Step 5:  This is where the magic happens.  You are going to start at one end, and slowly and carefully, pull back each layer of tissue towards the center of your flower.  (where your pipe cleaner is cinching the center of the flower base.)  Just chill and take your time at this step.  Otherwise, you are bound to tear your paper. When you have separated all your layers, turn your flower around, and do the same thing to the other side.  When you are done, your flower is done!  Pull and shape it up till you get the fullness of and desired shape.

Tada........  This is what you get.   If you want to go for a Pom Pom effect, just add two completed flowers together and join with your pipe cleaners.

The End. 

There are so many variations you can do with this Tutorial.  You can use all one color, you can cut your sheets down, and make smaller flowers. etc.  I love color, and these flowers give a lot of WOW factor on the cheap!

Tell a friend, and or feel free to share!



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Cami said...

This is incredibly inspiring! You should submit your post to One Pretty Thing and Tip Nut! I could see embellishing this by rubber stamping on the tissue before folding!!! Love this, Yoli!!