Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy June 2012!

OMG,  Does my blog have tumble weeds rolling around here or what?  I just looked at my last post, and yeah, hi, it was in December of 2012.  Hopefully you wonderful followers have not given up on me.  I am still around.  Social media is a tricky and fickle thing for me.   I used to blog faithfully.  That is until Facebook entered my life about 4-5 years go.  Oooh, did that addiction run deep!  I mean, it was like instant "gratification.  I knowI wasn't only one that fell off the Blog wagon, a lot of the bloggers I followed were also on Facebook and well, since I read and conversed with them all the time, blogging fell to the wayside for me.

Of course, since my attention span is very limited, the next addiction became some of those phone app games!  Grrr, thankfully, that didn't last too long.   However, I do have about 15 "Draw Something" games waiting for my response.  Ooops.

Moving right along my Social Media confessional, my latest Social Media addiction is.......Pinterest!   OMG, I am totally hooked!   I mean, it is pretty bad.  I have only been on for a couple of months and my pins are getting really up there.  I know my numbers pale in comparison to some very seasoned pinners, but I do work full time, and am very busy outside of my computer with social groups, volunteering, crocheting, and crafting.  So considering those distractions, I am still in awe, and or embarrassed at all my pinning.  Especially when my clients take notice. hehe,  Oops again.

I do have love for this blog, and I do miss posting, so I am going to make efforts to post a few times a month, as well as bring to you some of my favorite "Pins"  if you are on pinterest, feel free to follow me, I will follow you as well.  (until I take the time to add the Pin Button,  you can find me here.

Some of my favorite pins to collect are:  Tutorials, Patterns, Inspiring art, art blogs, cultural images, Dia De Los Muertos, La Virgen, Frida Kahlo, and anything colorful and shiny!

Hope to catch up with all of you soon!


Hand painted collaged bag by Yoli Manzo
A bag I just finished and sold to a beautiful Sacred Client. :-)


Gloria said...

Love that purse Yoli. I don't do Pinterest or Facebook. In fact on my sidebar I specify to please do not pin my work at Pinterest. Reason being is that my understanding is that once your work is "pinned" there, they become the owners so I'm told. I was with them one day and then I found that out and just don't go there anymore. Have fun while you are there. I don't know if it's true about them, but I didn't want to take chances. Take care. Nice to see you.

Sacred Yoli said...

Hi Gloria, thanks for stopping by. I will have to do further investigations, but the site is great for inspiration and sharing, (if you don't mind sharing) there are a lot of we'll respected artists and loggers who are ilwithin the pinterest community. I am pretty sure you can browse the site without pinning. Good ti hear from you!