Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Everything is coming up Roses!

Yes, it's true. On my quest to learn how to crochet, and to find the easy "Rose" pattern, I came across this one!

Yeah, I know, I got a little carried away, but can you blame me? adorable?   I admit, I love instant gratificational crafting! I am working on that.  I am still trying to develop patience.  But at least I can still look at you and my homies and say, "Yes, these are handmade, and I made them all by myself, so whut, whut??!!"

hehe, just keeding on my hyphyness.  
Anyhoo, can't you just see these adorning jackets, hair, lapels, etc?  I want to make some delicate ones out of that thin pretty yarn and adorn some t-shirts.  I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

Of course I am going to give up the pattern!  That's how I do!
Pattern:  Row 1: Chain 20-30, depending on how large you want your flower.
               Row 2:  In fourth chain from hook, Treble stitch 4 times. In every chain from there, Treble 5                times in each chain all the way till end, and finish off. 
Shape into flower.  It should already be trying to spiral itself when you are finished.  When you are ready to add it to your favorita project, tack on with a few stitches to hold in place.  THAT IS IT!
Yay,  happy crocheting and let me know how your roses turn out.   To further inspire you, here is a little ditty (Rose's Turn) from my my all time favorite Broadway musical.  Bette Midler did a fantastico job!

Omg,  I love that performance!  Gives me shivers!  If you haven't seen this play, there are several TV adaptions,  rent it!  It is the best musical EVER.  ok, well, I am not a musical buff whatsoever, but I first saw Natalie Wood's version when I was about 6 or 7, and I was captivated by every song, and even the subject matter!   Aye Dios!

Happy Hump Day friends!


Zorana said...

Such pretty roses! I always wanted to learn to crochet, and tried... but I was so slow that I gave up almost immediately. Love seeing what you did!

Sacred Yoli said...

Oh I have been escared for a long time too! I am still very much a beginner, but just take baby steps. Once you get the hang of holding the hook, it is on!

Heather said...

I love the roses!!! Very good idea. Thanks for sharing these. And I love that play too. I love the original with Roselyn Russell too.

Robin said...

Your roses are beautiful..I love to crochet as well..I sed to make afghans..hats..and a sweater for my daughter...these rose ideas are great..they can be used for so many things..!and I Love Love Love all time fav of mine...all her music sends chills..I named my first daughter Victoria after Hillary's daughter in Beaches...Hahahahah..and my kids grew up on her music..!great video..I must come back later as my speakers for my computer are out in the car..???

Sacred Yoli said...

hehe. Thanks Doll! Bette rawks!