Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tutorial: Upcycled Party Popperz!

I have been saying I am going to do a tutorial for way to long, and thanks to my homegirl, "Crafty Chica" aka, "Craftochuca" as my my auto-correct function on my fancy pants phone likes to call her. lol. It still cracks me up when I think about it. (Sawwry Kathy)

Anyhoo, check out her site, she has this Crafty Share it Saturday Party going on at her blog and if you participate, she will enter you for a chance to win a tre cool prize, Ehmmm, hmmmm, I want some of that action!

But I digress............

So yeah, I have had this tutorial up my sleeve and now I get to share. It is not the most O.G. tutorial, but it is a classic and this is how I put it together. :-)

Up-cycled Party Popperz.

Recycled sturdy toilet paper rolls. (you can also use paper towel rolls too)
Your stash of paper, ephemera, fabric, pics, magazines, etc.
Candy or loot for the inside of the popperz.
ribbon or string.
That is about it, but sky is the limit. You can throw anything on these babies, and make them your own.

Here we go.........

I made these particular popperz for my ADORABLE nephew's Valentine's day Party. However these are universal for all seasons and occasions.

This is the loot I chose for the three to four year old lovers that were going to be in attendance.


Yeah Hi, I had to come up with 12 of these puppies in a day. (Don't ask)


First step; Get to stuffing! Go crazy!



Step 2: Raid your stash. This time, I used my fabric scraps. Since it was a Valentine theme, I chose red colors. If I had red papers, I would have used those too.

At this point I used a simple glue stick to apply my fabric to the rolls. To make it easier for me, I cut out a piece of paper the size I wanted to cut my fabric. A template, if you will. This way, I could cut all my fabrics to size before adhering them to the rolls. I also allowed about a 2 inch allowance of fabric on each side of the poppers so that I can secure each end with ribbon.
Remember, at this point you can add layers of papers, pictures, various scraps, anything. I love my glue sticks and I use them for both paper and fabric. :-)

Here, looky.
Isn't that cute? I even used a heart shape punch I had to add as an embellishment to each popper. Trust me, if these weren't for the little ones, I would have got busy and added all kinds of fibers and tiny trinkets, but I didn't want anyone calling me to tell me their kid was choking out on my party favors. Not cool!

Look, Finito! Aren't they cute? I had the good fortune of going to lil Anthony's love fest, and the kids were muey excited as he busted out his popperz to put in their goody bags. Thata boy Anthony! You lil Romeo!



Rain said...

Awesome chica! I'll have to try this sometime! :)

loves2spin said...

What a cute idea!

Gloria said...

What a great idea Yoli and how fun. You shine with creativeness!

rebecca said...

so lovely to have you visit today. thank you for your love and light.