Friday, December 24, 2010

Feliz Navidad!

(yep, that is me, back in the day)


I cannot believe how fast this year zipped on by. The last post I made was for Dia De Los Muertos, and looky here, it is Christmas eve already! I just had to stop the non stop cleaning and cooking to wish you all a beautiful Christmas. I hope your day is full of promise, peace and happiness.

Do you have a favorite Christmas memory? If so, please share. I have several, but real quick, my favorite memories, outside of the holidays with my beautiful sons, are the memories I had as a preteen. My best Christmas's were spent at my Gremma Elena's house back in my hometown of San Jose. We celebrated Christmas on Christmas eve, where we all gorged ourselves on my Gremma's cooking and the adults gorged themselves on the fine liquers. Hey, it was the 70's mmmkay? This was not only welcomed, but accepted. I have lots of pics of various family members with a beer in hand and even a cig!.

Ok, ok, I am getting side tracked. But seriously, at the time, the night seemed to last forever, because the aunts and uncles believed in torturing us into waiting till midnight before presents could be opened! The nerve, lol, But looking back, I do appreciate the wait now, because without all the waiting there would not have been so many memories, right?

Oh how I miss the laughter, teasing, singing, musica and most of all, how I miss my Gremma and Grandpa!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Even though I had been quiet on the blog front, I have still been crafty! I had a little gingerbread making party with my nieces and nephews a couple of weeks ago. Here is one of their creations!


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Gloria said...

Merry Christmas Yoli and a Happy New Year to you. I remember those days very well. Many memories, happy, sad, nostalgic. Life is good and it sure is good to be alive. Have a great year Yoli, SanJo girl.:) Take care.