Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Passion Para Papel

Who doesn't love paper? Can you truly imagine a paperless world? Yes, I know we do need to be kinder and wiser about our paper use, but as an artist, I LOVE paper! All papers! Fancy pants paper and recycled paper. I especially love to re-purpose throw away papers.

My girl Rebecca of Recuerda Mi Corazon has decided to make a blog crawl dedicated to all things paper. Do check out her blog tomorrow, (Sept. 30th post) she will be featuring links to everyone who is sharing their amor for paper!

I thought this was a perfect opportunity to link up some of my favorite paper tutorials as well as show off a little mixed media number I made with paper scraps and fabric scraps to make a one of a kind paper/fabric collage. I made this on Sunday!


Omg, this project was so much fun. I am planning to turn it into a small clutch/bag.

Ok, now for some paper tutorial love!
Loteria Dress Cards
Easy Brown Bag Tutorial
Recycled Envelope Tutorial

Happy Creating!


Gloria said...

Hi Yoli. I love your mixed media and for it to be a clutch purse, wow! Your profile picture looks different. You looked great before but now you are looking ah shall we say, "Extravagant." Great photo and I'll stop by Rebecca's. Take care.

Sacred Yoli said...

Thank You Gloria, You are so sweet!
Have a beautiful weekend!

rebecca said...

completely paperlicious!!!
yoli, so wonderful to have you sharing unique passion for paper!!!

now i am off to those generous tutorials!!

clutch purse???
rock on!!!!

Kimmie said...

A paperless world indeed!

I couldn't live without paper .... but there is way to much junk mail in my mailbox and I have too many phonebooks for flower pressing alone.

Thank you for the wonderfully simple and ingenious ways to create beautiful things from the lowly "throwaway" papers. I always need inspirations and reminding!

I especially love the recycled envelope tutorial!

Spadoman said...

Simple everyday items, used to please a number of people for different reasons. Envelopes, brown bags and art, oh my!
Thanks. This is so cool and creative.


Noelle Renee said...

I love the fabric collage. It is truly beautiful. The images are striking and the use of mixed media is interesting and colorful. Thank you for the tutorials! This is my first visit to your blog. I had a great time!

Sacred Yoli said...

Thank you all for the kind words and for stopping by! Viva La Arte!

Sarah said...

Hi Yoli!
Thanks for your visit. I have really enjoyed your paper post-all your tutorials are great-I love re-using junk envelopes and you have given me some ideas thank you!
I bet your bag will be great!