Thursday, July 22, 2010

Easy Fabric Fortune Cookie Tutorial

Here is another sweet tutorial I did a couple of years ago on my Myspace account. Since my Myspace account has overgrown tumbleweeds, I thought I would move this fun and easy breezy tutorial over here. It is so fun and simple, and these would make excellent make and takes, party favors, etc. You can get as funky as you want too. I see, charms, fibers, paints, and or all of the above. Please feel free to share your creations and or stories behind this tutorial. Happy Creations, my lovely friends!

Easy Fabric Fortune Cookie Tutorial

I know there are a ton of "Fortune Cookie" tutorials out there, but I am always on the search on how to simplify a project without compromising it's integrity. (lol, check me out trying to sound all technical!)

Anyhoo, here is my version. This can be made in any size. Fill it up with trinkets, love notes, fortunes or anything you fancy!

Supplies Needed:
Fabric of your choice
Sticky back Felt. (you can buy this at any craft store that carries craft felt)
Heavy gauge wire.
Circle template
Wire cutters

Trace your template around the back of the sticky side of the felt.

Peel back the paper and lay a piece of your wire across the felt.

Get your piece of fabric, wrong side up, and press your sticky side of the felt down on your fabric. Press and smooth out all air pockets and wrinkles and cut around your felt, till you have a clean circle.
(your wire should be sandwiched in between your felt and fabric.)

Now the magic happens! Fold your circle in half. Felt on inside, and fabric on the outside. Use the wire as your guide. The wire serves as the "spine" of your cookie. Once it is folded in half, you want to push the center and at the same time, grab the ends and fold them in so that they touch.

The wire will hold your cookie in place.

Don't be shy, fill em up with your favorite trinkets, love notes, fortunes and sweetness!
Viola! Seriously, you can do this little handmade goodness in less than 5 minutes!

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