Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Somerset Studio and My New Studio

Ayeeee, It's already the middle of February? Shingow! Why is time such in a hurry?

Anyhoo, I hope your New Year is getting off to a banging start. As for me, I can't complain. I have had many MANY changes going on in my life. Personally and professionally. I am surprised I am not rocking in a corner somewhere, but I won't even get into that. I do have my health, kids are good, I got a roof over my head and I have had many MANY blessings, so I am, and have to, focus on the positive. After all, there is always room for good, que no? Si, si! Always!

One big "Up" for me, was a surprise I got last month. One of my facebook homies gave me a shot out on facebook to congratulate me. Apparently Somerset Studio chose an art piece I submitted way back in July, and included it in an article they wrote about the "Women in Juarez" I couldn't believe it! Of course I had to run to the nearest store and buy my copy! I have always been a fan of all of Stampington's magazines, and to see lil ol me in their magazine, well, IT FELT GOOD!

It is still available, and for reference, here is the cover.

January/February 2010

I made a tiny appearance on page 76 and a photo of my submission is on 79. Whoohooo!
Big thanks goes to the Magazine and also to my beautiful homie, Monica Magness. She actually put out the call to send in our submissions to Somerset in hopes to shed some more light on the ongoing tragedy that continues today.

Here is a full picture of my submission
juarez dress 2 by you.

What a great way to start my year, right? Well, I have to admit, creatively, I had been in a slump. My makeshift "studio" aka my formal dining room, had been out of control for months. Seriously, I would take one look in there, and immediately close the pocket door and run for the opposite direction. It just made my head hurt to look at the piles and piles of papers, glues, supplies. I had bags and bags spilling onto the floor and scraps of fabrics, yarns, rick rack, everywhere. It made my head hurt.

Then out of nowhere, my lil sis, who is now a grown up, announced that her and her son were moving out. Caught us by surprise, but we saw it coming, and although I miss them so much, I am happy for her and excited to see her become her own woman. She has grown by leaps and bounds and we are all very proud of her.

So, with a vacant room, I had no choice but to get in there, and make my permanent studio a reality!

Painting the walls was a must to serve as a cheery background to all my art collections. After a couple of weeks of purging old supplies, and hanging art and moving closets, viola! my own private sanctuary!

Here are a couple of snap shots.

Of course a girl has to sleep and ponder........

I am already creating and playing again! Good times! Next on my list is to finish a couple of shrines that I started months ago! Yay, it feels so good to know where everything is at. My personal challenge will be to keep it clean! Haha!

Happy creating everyone!


Krissi said...

Congratulations and WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!

Sacred Yoli said...

Thanks Krissi! It feels good!

Gloria said...

It looks great. Nice and clean and everything in it's place....for now. heheheehe. Pretty soon you'll be so into what you are doing that a brush will be here paint will be there, you know how that goes. :D Enjoy it. Congrats on the spot in the article. Have a great rest of the week.

Pam said...

Yeay! Congratulations on your highlight in the magazine mujer! You certainly deserve it...your arte is so heartfelt! And your new space looks amazing! Looks like you can conquer the world in there, eh? jeje Glad to see you back posting here in blogland. I need to do the same, but I dunno...just haven't felt the need to write. It'll come back someday. But for now, I'm glad to see you back!!

An Altered Life said...

Yay Yoli, huge congrats on everything-the magazine and getting through life!

Evie Love said...

What wonderful news! Congrats to you. And lovin' the new art studio!

Monique said...

What a great studio!

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Yoli! A big Congrats on all your blessings! You deserve it! I've been meaning to pick up that issue at the store. I look forward to seeing your art in the magazine. It is definitely a great start for the year! Your private santuary photos are magical! Wishing you continued success and more creative blessings!

Lisa :)

Bits of Fiber said...

Yeah, the keeping it nice and tidy is always the hard part when we have a million and one projects going on at the same time. I keep running out of space myself! Enjoy your clean studio while you can!

Flor Larios Art said...