Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Yoli Manzo returns to Santa Clarita Craft Lab!

I was going to write up a blog to share about my upcoming class at SCCL, however, Cyndi did such a wonderful job, I thought I would just repost here! (Thanks Cyndi)

Hope to see you there, and do tell a friend! This is one of my favorite subjects!


Yoli Manzo returns to SCCL!

I'm so excited about the upcoming Class and Visit from Yoli Manzo, aka Sacred Yoli! Yes. It's true. Yoli is returning to teach another fabulous class here at Santa Clarita Craft Lab!

Her class is scheduled for Friday October 23rd, and she's teaching a "Day of the Dead Shrine Wreath Class." Yoli travels all the way from Sacramento to be here with us and it is such an honor to have her. She is a great Mexican Pop Artista. Her art work always tells a story.

This is a current Piece that Yoli will have exhibited at the
"SomArts Dia De Los Muertos Show 2009
You know there's a story in there somewhere.

Fantastic Yoli!

Here is a little something about my girl Yoli:

Yoli Manzo, was born and raised in the Silicon Valley. She now makes her home in Sacramento, California where she immerses herself in cultural art exhibiting muse from latin folk art such as Dia de los Muertos, Frida Kahlo and religious saints. Her signature has been described as having a very sharp edge that is admirable for a woman artist. She uses mixed media, strong colors, plenty of glitter and her edgy wit worthy of her label. Yoli Manzo and her art work, including shrines, jewelry, handbags, dolls, skulls and paintings have been featured in art galleries, television, and art festivals throughout northern California as well as internationally via the web. She is a member of the Scary Art Collective and Northern California Mixed Media Artists.

This is from Yoli's "Graffiti" series.

And here are the details for her Day of the Dead Shrine Wreath Class:

Day of the Dead is a Celebration of Life and Ms. Yoli Manzo, aka Scared Yoli will put us in the right spirit while teaching this class!
Students will adorn their black Altar Wreaths with their own hand painted skulls!

This is the Wreath we will create in Yoli's Class.
It's Fabulous!

Students are encouraged to bring their own photos, mementos, and other special objects to adorn their Shrine Wreaths with a personalized touch!

Check out the detail on the skulls.
Yoli will instruct us on how to paint our own skulls.

Dedicate your Wreaths to that someone Special and celebrate his/her life.
Class starts at 7pm and goes until 10pm! This class is only $45!

Over the last couple of years Yoli and I have become really good friends, although most of our time together has been spent on blogs, myspace, facebook, and via emails. She has gone out of her way to meet up with me on several different occasions to show her support to SCCL and to me. She is so busy sharing her kindness and generosity to so many others, and I am extremely grateful and proud to be on her list of people to support.

I hope you can take the time to join us on Friday October 23rd and Celebrate with us the gift of Life by creating this wonderful piece of art taught by this wonderfully special and talented Artista, Ms. Yoli Manzo.

This is one of my Favorite pieces by Yoli Manzo.
I feel it represents the way she reaches out to people through her heart
and her art.


glorv1 said...

That was a great write-up of Yoli and her dedication to her art and to others. I love Yoli's work. Thanks for the valuable information.

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Yoli! Wonderful post! I wish I could take your fabulous Day of the Dead Shrine Wreath Class. Your wreath looks so much fun to make! Congrats on all the success!

Lisa :)

yvonne said...

Wonderful post and write up. I love your art. I have lived in So. Cal. and now in South Tx. and love this style of art, as I see the Mexican art quite often where I'm at now.

Cyndi said...

hey yoli! it's true! i'm really excited to have you at my studio! see you next week!

glorv1 said...

Hi yoli. Just stopped by to say hi and thanks for stopping by my blog. Those wreaths are awesome. Have a great weekend.