Sunday, July 26, 2009

It is Scary Time Again!

originally posted by my "Scary" partner in crime, Krissi Sandvik

You've Been BEGGING Us For The Last Year!

You know, for a live crochet tutorial! We may move as slowly as tacky glue in January, but we DO move. So without any further excuses, we're bringing you one of the make-and-takes you've been begging us for:

For this month's craft fest, Jenn de la Fuente of Rosebud Designs will be at Scary CRAFT's Night of the Creators to teach us the basics of crocheting while we make one of her super-cute designs - a mini-wallet.

These little cuties are convenient for use as a business card holder or for a few bucks and your ATM card when you're having a night on the town.

Tues., July 28, 2009
(& the last Tues. from Feb-Oct)
6pm to 9pm
Side Show Studios
5635 Freeport Ave., #6
Sactown, baby!

Important stuff:
  • Be on time if you are planning to take part in the tutorial (otherwise, show up whenever and work on whatever you like - we don't mind, we're just happy you're crafting).
  • What to bring:
    • yourself
    • size "I" crochet hooks if you have them - Jenn only has a few.
    • something to sit on. We expect this to be a very crowded event, so don't blame us if you end up sitting on the floor (dude, it's FREE). Oh, and we just might be your new best friends if you come early (5:30) and bring extra folding chairs & a table or two.
    • you may bring some acrylic mid-weight yarn to play with if you like, but Jenn has some for you too.
We hope to see you there!

psssst! Next month Jenn's coming back to teach us how to KNIT so we'll all be ready when the weather gets cold again (hard to believe that will ever happen with the string of 100+ days we've been having though, huh?).


Krissi for Scary CRAFT


3rdEyeMuse said...

they look adorable in all their bright colors like that. :)

glorv1 said...

Those are very nice colors. I don't crochet, although I have given it a try. You do a lot of things and that is good. Have a great week.

Anonymous said...
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Julia said...

Hi Yoli,
Love the Frida doll class, would love to attend one of those!1...
Have you had anymore journals yet from our lost round robin journal thingy?...
I am thinking of bowing out...xx

rebecca said...

dear sacred yoli...

collecting miracles at recuerda mi corazon.
time to rise and SHRINE!!!!