Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My beloved Lappy is in a coma!

At least I hope it is only a coma! :-(
I was on my puter the other day, typing away without a worry in the world when she shut off on me. Then, she wouldn't let me back on the internet and before I knew it, she kept freezing and shutting down.

After lots of calls to HP and backing up all my files, I went to the "Point of no return" I grabbed my recovery disk, did a little prayer and restarted my computer. Yeah, 1 day later, and several attempts, she still could not be revived. I called back HP, and after a few more trouble shoots, I am told I have to send her back along with 300.00! Guat? Don't they know that is half my cruise fare? Money for art classes and supplies? "I DON'T think so........."

As luck would have it, I gave one of my "hook ups" a call, and he agreed, "Pshhhhhhhhh" I am better off just getting a new hard drive or a whole new lap top, then to send in 300.00. Thankfully, he isn't to far from me, and I am going to take a little driveto the bay on Friday, so that he can help a sister out.

Till then, I am going to be pretty quiet. I have so much to share too. I tooka lot of pix of Makers Faire and I met so many wonderful people that I wanted to "introduce" to you. I also came up with an exciting class concept that I will be teaching in Southern California on July 12th. Not to mention my Frida Mixed Media Doll class I'll be teaching at the Santa Clarita Craft Lab on July 11th.

Please, for the love of Arte, do stay tuned.

For my Northern Cali friends, my alter ego is hosting a blog giveaway at We are giving away tickets to the Monarch's opening game. Tell a friend, and looking forward to catching up with all of you real soon!



glorv1 said...

It's no fun without a computer. Hope you get it going. Looking forward to the pictures. Take care.

Anonymous said...

I just hate computer problems, especially when I can't fix them myself! I wish I could afford a MAC. That's my goal to own a MAC

3rdEyeMuse said...

so sorry to Lappy ... wishing a quick and no cost (other than a good meal) sort of recovery!!

Anonymous said...

Hola Yoli,
Just a quick stop to see how you are doing, sorry about the computer problems, hope they are fixed easily and cheaply :)
Hugs and sunshine from Mexico ~