Saturday, May 16, 2009

2nd Saturday'a Art Walk in Sacramento

Geesh, I can't believe a week has already gone by! I have been sitting on these pictures way to long.

Anyhoo, last weekend was Sacramento's 2nd Saturday's Art walk. I had the honor of participating in the Women Uncovered show at Side Show Studios. (was fantastico by the way)

My morning started with a creative bang. Sharon, my homegirl, put together a craft class at her home for a bunch of her friend's daughters. The mission was to make their mommas an art scarf for Mother's day. I had so much fun with these little chicas. We jumped right in and crafted and gossiped away. Trust me, I learned a lot that morning!

After the class, I high tailed it to the Rubber Stamp Show that came iin town. I figured I would just breeze through and check out a few tutorials. I knew Judikins was going to be there, and I love watching her tutorials.

Yeah hi, three hours later, I walked out of there with about 120.00 bucks less than what I came in with. I haven't blown a wad like that on art supplies in a long time! I was doomed for money blowing when Invoke Arts, one of my favorite stamp companies were there. Oh my Gah, do they have some serious rubber eye candy. I had been buying from them for years and I was super excited to see them there!

After going home with my bounty, I had to freshen up, wait for my regulator, because I was dragging him with me to my art show. The regulator is not a fan of art whatsoever, so it wsa like pulling off his fingernails to get him to go. Thankfully, he was a great sport and didn't complain one bit as we wandered from gallery to gallery. I even managed to coax him to Park your Art. This is a super cool Arts and Crafts vending venue held at the parking lot of xyz Real Estate company on the corner of 21st and k.

It was like strolling down memory lane. I knew about 6 of the vendors who were former members of the Sacramento Craft Mafia. Good times.

After a few hours of roaming, we worked up an appetite and I called the kids to meet us at Spaghetti Factory. Surprisingly there was no wait. We all got our grub on and then called it a night in front of the boob tube.

Mmmkay, peecture time!

craft class 5 by you.

craft class 4 by you.

craft class 2 by you.
(I love these girls!)

2nd sat 11 by you.

Dancers at the show! Side Show always knows how to throw an art show!

Yours Truly by you.

Yours truly standing with my Arte.

2nd sat 7 by you.
I loved this piece!

Skelekitty by Krissi Sandvik by you.
two new Skelekitty pieces by Krissi Sandvik

2nd sat 5 by you.

Another favorite piece of mine.

Side Show Studios by you.

Art lovers.

Nicole Fox and others by you.

Nicole Fox and others.

Adrian n Anthony 5-11-09 by you.

My son (the biggun) and my adorable nephew

cuteness 5-09 by you.

Baby Anthony enjoying his pasghetti. (as my oldest son used to say when he was just a little bambino)

Good times!


Anonymous said...

Looks like it was fun! I love all the art pieces in your post

glorv1 said...

Yes, it looks like you had a great time and that's what it's all about. Enjoying life. Have a great Sunday.

Alexa said...

Your work looks beautiful! You should be proud :)