Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tutorial: Easy Vintage Felt Flower Tutorial

Who doesn't love a little flower now and then. These little babies can be made a bunch at a time (porque they are so easy) and be used for all kinds of projects. Jewelry, hair pins, jackets, t-shirts, dolls, collages, ok, you get the picture. I'll hush now, and get to the tutorial.

Here is a pic of the finished product. (of course you can do so many variations, but I will keep it basic for now.)

example two

candle (lit)
felt in assorted colors
embroidery floss
Decorative button


That's it!

Step 1.
cut your felt in long strips. the longer your strips, the larger your flower will be. These strips are about 10 inches and length. You will want to give your strip a nice soft wavy cut.

step one

Step 2 (this is the fun part)

Grab your strip and drag it slowly across the flame of your candle. This will give your felt a nice curve to your strips. Be careful not to go to slow, or the flame will eat up your felt. Also be careful not to burn yourself.

step two

When you are done, your strips should look like this.
step 3

Step 3

On the opposite side of your burned edge, make a simple loose running stitch across your strip.

step 4

Step 4.
Pull the end of your string and your felt piece will form a circle.
step 4

Your felt strip should look like this. (note, I used a contrasting thread so that you can see it more easily, but you may want to use matching thread) Once your circle is in place seal it shut with a small stitch.


For my Flower, I stacked to circles together to form my flower. After I stacked my two circles, I added a button in the center to finish it off. I also can envision a little clay face in the center too. The possibilities are endless.

example 1

I glued this to a hair pin for a purrdy hair flower, however I would love to see or hear your ideas!


Cyndi said...

ay que purdie.

It's the Cat's Meow said...

Hi Yoli, I think this is so clever. I love making things with felt. I'm going to try it.

Also, I love your flavor of SuziBlu's Petite Doll. I'm enrolled in another one of her classes right now.

Crafts/sewing is so much fun! Helen

Sacred Yoli said...

Thanks Helen!

Suzi is a great teacher. Have fun with your class!

Krissi said...

I have a question/clarification, the felt is your basic easy-to-find synthetic crafting felt (and not wool felt), right?

Sacred Yoli said...

yes, it is the very inexpensive craft felt that you can buy at any craft store.

Great question, Krissi!

brown eyed girl said...

cool these are so cute!

Miss Yvonne said...

Wow, I can't get past the part where you curve the felt with the candle. That is totally like magic!

Sacred Yoli said...

lol, it's crazy, yo!

Pam said...

Ay these are sooo cute! And it looks like even I can do them! I can see them with a little calaca in the middle. Hmmmmm. Thanks for sharing mujer.