Friday, April 10, 2009

It's All Good Friday

Hey Chicksters,

How are all my lovely Chicas doing this on this Good Friday? Indeed it is a very Good Friday here at the Sacred Casa. The past couple of days we had a little scare. My beautiful and super healthy Madre had not been feeling up to par, and wound up in the hospital! Ayeee Dios! My poor mama had some major blood pressure issues, and they (doctors) were trying to figure what is going on with this beautiful patient.

They are still a little uncertain, however they have it under control, and she was able to come home yesterday. She is still not 100%, but she is doing much better.

Special thanks for all the kind words and prayers. We are firm believers in positive energy, and your good thoughts are working their magic. Thank you all so very much.

On that good note, I wanted to share with you pictures from a class I taught last week at a local middle school here in town. I don't know why, but I was super nervous! I mean, I can lecture, stand in front of professionals, quote Real Estate laws, disclosures. Tell a bunch of 1st time homebuyers what to do to protect themselves, I can even give a bunch of creative women instruction on an art project. But kids? Eye rolling, gum smacking tweens? Not so much......... haha.

Thankfully, these kids were awesome. They didn't find the weird lady too loca, and payed close attention to the lesson, and then dove, I mean DOVE right in. :D
Even the too cool for school boys broke down and handled their glue sticks like a champ.

My first class was about 37 students and my 2nd class was another 35 students. My time was limited so the teacher was on her own for class three, but she had plenty of instruction and was looking forward to showing her next class the project. I had to laugh when class was over. There were paper scraps everywhere! It was a scene out of my studio times 30! Ahh good times. I should have snapped pics of the flooring.

Here are a few pics. Aren't my students the cutest?

This project is really simple, and I love to use recycled materials, like magazines, junk mail, bit and pieces of left over ribbon, fabric, anything! Of course I have a tutorial for you and I will be posting it shortly.

If I don't jump back on before Easter, have a wonderful Easter Weekend.

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