Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bloggers with a heart of gold.

Recently, I discovered that a blog friend of mine, had a serious misfortune of losing her sacred home to a fire. A fire, something so needed, so comforting, yet something that can be so devastating and even deadly. Thankfully, she and her family (pooch included) made it out just in a nick of time. However, her home was not so lucky.

It amazes me that her spirit is intact; even her sense of humor. I can learn a lot from Paula. She is a true testament to strength and love for her family and friends. You can read about it here.

Of course when her other blog familia caught wind of her status, actions started taking place. A few of her friends already opened up blogs with the sole purpose of keeping us updated on Paula's family's progress and also to help raise funds for her family's bare bone's necessities.

You can catch updates right here.

Kind Gestures can be very contagious. Michelle Ward, an extremely talented artist and owner of the Green Pepper Press Stamp Company, created a special "fund raising"stamp just for Paula's family.

Long story short, her stamps are just as amazing as her heart. You can check them out here.
And this link will take you to her rubber stamp store where you can view her other beautiful stamp collections.

I can't wait to receive my set of stamps so that I can make a personal art Journal entry dedicated to Paula and those who love her.

Paula, you and your family are in my prayers.


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