Monday, March 23, 2009

I Am Back in Style!

Wow, what a great week! I still cannot believe how fast everything went!

1st off, I had a great time with my girl, Becky! (pics to come) Thanks Becky! It was so good to see you! Oh, and yeah, hi, I found a bottle of Chimay at my local grocery store. The familia agrees, that stuff RAWKS!

Sunday, I boarded our fun ship. The day and weather was perfecto! I had a fabulous room all to myself. I felt like such a big girl! Although I love traveling companions, this was SO NICE doing whatever I wanted and not having to ask someone else. "So do you want to eat in or dine on the lido deck? Do you want to take a shower first? What time do you want to wake up? Did you bring any courtesy spray? "

It was paradise, I tell ya!

The first night we all met up in our designated Craft studio. Most of the Crafty Chica's were new, however there were about 8 of us to came last year, and there were 3 (who got tiaras) that were O.G crafters who had attended all three "Crafty Chica" Cruises.

Just like last year, we had some major, MAJOR talent going on. I was so inspired by each and everyone of these ladies! Everyone was so fun, excited, and willing to learn and share. I never got tired of hanging out in our private "studio".

I joked with Kathy, and told her, "Dang, I haven't taken the time to explore any other areas of the ship, other than our craft room and the dining rooms. I would take the long hallways to our craft room, not even bothering to stroll across the decks and or enjoy some sunshine. I felt like a little mouse, scurrying in the darkness, only peeping out to eat, and then scurrying off again to my craft hole"

Monday, I did take the off shore excursion to Catalina Island. I had plans to hook up with the ever Hot and sweet Cyndi of the Santa Clarita Craft Lab. She came with her pretty posse of homegirls. (really, all these girls were insanely beautiful) Cyndi gave me a tour of Catalina, shared some history. (did you know they had a colony of stutterers?) (Don't ask) lol.

Anyhoo, we had a great lunch and we threw back some Caronas. (they were on sale) hee. Oh, and that was the one day, that I forgot my fancy pants camera on the ship. :-(

Thanks again Cyndi! I look forward to the day we can hang out again. Say "Hi" to the chicas for me!

After lunch, I high tailed it back on the ship to teach my Mixed Media Hand Dyed Art Scarf class! I had so much fun, and the women really got so into the class. (pics in the slide show) I was so relieved that they really enjoyed the class.

After class, we all feasted like Queens at the main dining room. :-)

Tuesday, we went to Ensenada for some serious shopping. We have our favorite spot, Casa Ramirez. They have the most awesome collection of Mexican folk art. Seriously, if you ever find yourself in Ensenada, make sure you check them out.

I also spied another little gem of a store. The ladie carried miniatures! Teeny tiny plates, mugs, guitars, clay flowers, fruits, veges, baskets, perfect for shrines! (I'll take pics of some of my findings)

Wednesday, we did two more craft projects and then we had to do the daunting task of cleaning up and packing up our craft tables. I tried to put it off to the last minute, because I didn't want the day to end.

But just like that, the sadness went away, because it was time for our "Good bye" cocktail party where we would all reveal our secret partners. Early on in the Cruise, Kathy had us all pull names and we were to make our secret partner a little gift.

We had so much fun, and everyone walked away with a great heartfelt handmade souvenir. (how cool was that?)

Our rockin party was followed by dinner and then we went back to our Craft studio one last time, because several of us brought "Merch" to sell. Everyone that set up shop did very well! I picked up some great items. (I'll take pics of those too)

I still have yet to unpack my crafts, but I wanted to shout out this blog before too much time passed. I'll be posting pics of the great crafts we made on the ship, so until now, please check out my slide show.


Pam said...

As I sit here and watch all of those wonderful pics I am filled with thoughts of..."I CAN'T BELIEVE I MISSED THIS!" It looks fabulous mujer. Fun times, good friends, outstanding shopping. I'm go glad you had a great time, but of course I didn't expect to hear anything to the contrary. With any luck I'll be there next year. Thanks so much for posting this. Loved it!

Sacred Yoli said...

Pam, please try and come next year! You would have loved it! Alot of our myspace homies were there!


3rdEyeMuse said...

thank you soooo much for posting the highlights and the slide show ... looks like it was one heck of a FANTASTIC voyage!!

Krissi said...

Dang. I'm getting tired all over again just reading this - we did all THAT in just 4 days???? Great pics!!

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Yoli! Glad you had a fabulous trip! Looks like it was so much fun! Thanks for sharing all of those great crafty pics! Have a lovely weekend!

Lisa :)

Funky Art Queen said...

ok that is two years I have not gone to this. Dang it. Looks like you had a blast and made new friends and connected with old friends. HOw much funner can it get? Thanks for sharing.