Monday, March 9, 2009

And The Countdown Begins.....

Hey kids, it is true, less than 7 days, and I will be sailing the high seas with Crafty Chica and 50 other serious Artistas! I have been crazy busy getting ready! Finished labeling the 50+ ATC's I made for swapping.

Among the 100 pojects I did this week, I madde lots of face clay molds for a bunch of Mixed Media Art pin kits I am taking for the vendor day. (pictures coming soon)

I also made a bunch of lil Calavera beads for some of the workshops we are going to be doing.


I also finished my project examples for the mixed media hand dyed silk scarf class that I will be teaching on board.

Wheew! I still have yet to pack my "craft supply" bag. I am hardly taking any clothes because I learned from the last cruise, when I took way too much clothing. I am one of those serial crafters and I will craft 24/7, rather then kick it at the Lido deck around a pool. However, I will let my hair down when in port!

So, the next couple of days, you may have to bear with me while I blog the countdown of my trip.

I still have yet to get a pedicure. (My last "Cruise" pedicure was quite an experience, but no worries this time, I didn't let my feet get that bad during these winter months. TMI, I know) hehe.

This past weekend, I did make it out to Indie Sacramento, where I met some amazing vendors and artists. (I will blog about it with links to the wonderful people I met. Most have etsy stores)

Till then, Happy Monday People!

Oh, how could I refuse this picture? hahaha
Seth as Frida Photo by Vanity

Seth Rogan, photo by Vanity Magazine


3rdEyeMuse said...

count away! your posts are always such fun! love the Calavera beads & that picture of Seth as Frida ... well, who would've thunk?!? :)

Thelma-Art said...

Wow, sounds so fun!!! I will countdown with you!

glorv1 said...

I love that picture of that guy as Frida. It's almost time for your cruise. Wow, take a lot of pictures and you are going to have so much fun. I wish you lots of fun.