Thursday, March 12, 2009

3 more days till Viva La Arte time with the Crafty Chica!


Three more little dias, and I will be sailing my way down to Baja Mexico with 50 fellow artistas. Pure bliss and lots of creativity and laughter will be had. I am actually leaving on Saturday, a day early, to spend it with my hard core old school homegirl (from way, waaaaaaaay back in the day) Becky. I am just as excited to see her, as I am for the cruise. Bek and I have been through so much together. I met her in high school, and from day one at that school, we have been soul mates. We did everything together. Sometimes to much together, mmmkay? lol.

We both got married at the same time, and both were pregnant at the same time. She beat me to the second one, but it was all good, my second one came almost 4 years later. She and her husband moved down to San Diego almost 19 years ago, and we try and see each other when we can. Every time we get together, I feel like we are in high school together. We laugh so hard every time. I know it probably gets on every one's nerves, but with so much history and good times together, we can't help ourselves.

Anyhoo, I'll be with her Saturday, and since she lives right smack in the heart of San Diego, I will actually be able to cross the street and walk right up to the pier. How cool is that? As long as I get on that boat by no later than 2pm, I will be good to go.

Last year, I packed way to much gear. I am trying my hardest to pack light. It is near impossible, since this year I will be teaching a class and will need to provide supplies. Here is a pic of the class I am teaching. I am calling it a "Hand dyed Mixed Media Art Scarf" class. Que class, que no?
Hand Dyed Mixed Media Scarf Class

Trust me, it is super easy, and fun!

I am also bringing with me lots of "swag" generously donated by Miss Vicky, and Cyndi of the Santa Clarita Craft lab. Annette of CJ Angels is also donating, but thankfully, she will be on the cruise, so she is bringing her swag personally! If you have a chance do check out their blogs. You will be hooked, they are all extremely beautiful women and their creativity rocks! I have to keep the items secret for now, but I will be taking photos of all the swag when I get back. (it will be worth the wait!

I also made a gang of Mixed Media Art Pen Kits. I even packaged them up all professional too! Each kit comes with everything to make one of these pins.

Art Pin Kits

Every single kit is different, from the ephemera to the decorative papers. I even included magnets as an option. On the last day of the cruise, we will have a "vendor" day, where all the artists can set up shop and sell their wares. Last year I scored some really cool handmade items. Duty free! haha.

Can you see why it is a challenge for me to pack lightly, but hey, I traveled Europe for 17 days out of one bag, surely I can work this out.

Last shot out for tonight will be for Crafty Chica's latest libro.

Seriously, have you seen it yet? It is amazing, the projects, the photography, the stories, Ay Dios! This book had the novice sewer in mind, yet it will also impress the experienced sewer as well. I even showed it to a couple of "Non" sewers and they couldn't put it down. I know this book is going to do do very, very well. Also.........hehee, shameless, plug. I have a great "Sacred Tip" posted on page 76! Trust me, I use it all the time. Fool proof, I tell ya! I have a link to the book on the side of my blog. This is an awesome gift idea too!

Ok, let me get back to organizing my bag. I will try and blog from the ship. (yeah right) but if I don't. I will be twittering and updating via my phone on facebook, flickr and blogspot. (I can do it all on one text, don't you just love technology?) So please add me.

Saludos Mi Amigos and Amigas.



Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Yoli! Sounds like a wonderful adventure. Love your scarf! Looks so much fun to make. And your pen kits are really cool too! Have a great crafty trip!

Lisa :)

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

chica your blog is looking HOTT HOTT HOTT!

And that scarf is MINE.. right? (lol)


Fun times ahead of you... I'm packed and ready to go (ya, I wish!).

I'm def. checking out that book.. I need a little sun in my life right now.

(clouds, go away!)

Art on, me :)

S&C won't know what hit them!

glorv1 said...

Hi yoli. I hope you have a lot of fun. That is a great scarf. Thx for your nice comments on my blog. I know your cruise will be an enjoyable one. You will make many memories. Take care and Bon Voyage.

3rdEyeMuse said...

safe travels and have a wonderful craftastic time!

that scarf is GORGEOUS and I just don't believe that it was simple ...