Friday, February 13, 2009

5 Minute Valentine Card Tutorial

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack, it is the night before Valentine's Day, and you don't have a card.....
What to do, what to do...................

Ya pay attention, and I will school ya! That's right Chico's and Chicas. I am here to the rescue! I kid you not, 5 minutes is all this will take, and you will be left with a fancy pantsy card that will look like it took ages to make and or big dollars to buy!

step 6

Basic Supply list.


Black or white card-stock
Glue stick
Heavy duty glue (optional)
1 sheet of background paper, if you don't have any, grab some left over gift wrap, or swipe a magazine page.
1 piece of craft felt
2 small pieces of fabric
safety pin
charms, broken pieces of jewelry, buttons, etc.

Step one:

Using your glue stick, glue decorative paper to your card-stock. I used black paper for "Drama"

step 2

Next, cut out a heart shape with your felt and a smaller heart shape with one of your pieces of fabric. Finally, cut out a little square out of your 2nd piece of fabric and stack them together.

Your heart should look like this.
step 3

By the way, I used a glittered piece of craft felt, because that is how I roll.

Having fun yet?
The next step is to grab your safety pin and load it up with your pieces of jewelry, ephemera, charms, buttons, etc.


After you like the way your dangley safety pin looks, you are going to pin it through all three pieces of fabric. Once it is together, you have a choice to glue down the back and apply it to your card. Or................ Just tack it down, so that you can recycle it into a snazzy patch or broach! That's like two gifts in one! I love Twofers!

Literally, this is a five minute project!

step 5

Viola! You are done. If you have two more minutes, embellish and personalize. I swiped a rubber stamp ink pad around the edges of my card and then I rubber stamped these little cheery flowers around my heart and added the word "Amor"


step 6

There, now you have no excuse! Nothing says love, than something handmade! Texture and color is key to make this simple little project look like a high end project!

Happy Valentine's day, mi Amorcitos!


3rdEyeMuse said...

fantastic, fun and fast!

you totally ROCK! thank you. :)

Rain said...

Awesome work Chica! I am just about to start working on my Valentines! :D

Funky Art Queen said...

How cool is that? I do need a card suddenly. Thanks!

glorv1 said...

Very Nice. I'll try that on my next card giveaway. That looks so easy. Thx for sharing your beautiful card. Take care and Happy Valentine's Day.

Stephanie said...

Your card is beautiful! Great little tutorial...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thelma-Art said...

Beautiful, enchanting. Thank you for sharing the idea.
Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Wonderful tutorial Yoli! Thanks for sharing your creativity!

Lisa :)

Sacred Yoli said...

Thanks Chica's! I hope you give it a try!