Monday, January 26, 2009

Scary Craft and CHA!

Hey Chicas,

I am getting ready to catch a flight to southern California to attend CHA with the honerable Crafty Chica! I will be sending updates via twitter, so if you aren't following me yet, follow me now!

In the mean time, Krissi will be holding down the Scary Craft scene on tomorrow. If you are in the "hood" do come and drop us a visit!

Happy new year to all the scary and/or creative types out there - are you ready to glue some more "stuff" to other "stuff?" Yes? Awesome. 'Cause Night of the Creators is back after our 2-month hiatus during the busy months of November and December. Join us for mostest awesomest FREE Sacramento craft night on Tuesday, January 27th, from 6-9pm (or any portion thereof) at Side Show Studios aka "a clean, well lit place to craft."
This month, to help you recover from some of the terrifying gifts you may have received from your mother-in-law or aunt Mavis, we're doing a 'white elephant' with a Scary CRAFT twist (or should I say twisted?). The lovely Miss Cy calls it "Pimp Yer Elephant" and it goes like this:
Find one of those gifts that made you roll your eyes (you know, where a family member just missed the mark really badly)
Bring it, UNWRAPPED, to Night of the Creators
By lottery, we will take turns choosing which "white elephant" each of us would like to pimp out*
PIMP YER ELEPHANT with any craft supplies you bring, stuff from the Scary CRAFT community goodies box or parts & pieces that may have been discarded from your fellow crafters' "elephants."
Take photos and e-mail them to us or post them on the Scary CRAFT Flickr group.
*So that we can get right to the crafting, there will be no "stealing," but if you can sweet-talk someone into a trade, more power to you!
If you didn't receive something you hate for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, the winter solstice or whatever gift-giving holiday you celebrate, lucky you! LOL. Seriously, in that case, just hit the Dollar Store or something similar and bring a hideous "gift" that has some promise of being pimped out by one of your fellow crafters. Want some ideas? Check out tutorials for pimping out two dollar store finds by our pal Artsy Gringa here and here.
Oh, and YES, if you would like to bring one elephant for the group and one to keep for yourself and work on, please do so. Got more elephants than you know what to do with? Bring 'em! Extras are most welcome (that way the last person to "go" gets a choice). As always, bring your supplies, a project and an extra chair if you have one; leave the drama and the kiddies at home. We're looking forward to seeing everyone again!For our virtual crafting pals: Don't live in Sacramento? Bummed you can't come? You can still have some pimpin' fun! Pimp out your own "white elephant" holiday gift and post a photo in our Flickr group (see link above) or e-mail it to us (see our contact info).


Cyndi said...

Have a Great Trip and Time at CHA. Can't wait to read all about it!
ur friend,

Funky Art Queen said...

I saw your flickr photos and I am jealous!

Cyndi said...

hey yoli!! are u home from cha? did you have fun? do tell!!!! i've missed reading ur blogs and ur messages. thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. one day woman we gotta get together and do some crazy sh*&
looking forward to ur blog about cha.

glorv1 said...

Have a great trip. Maybe you already went, if so sorry. I'm catching up to reading blogs. Take care.