Friday, November 14, 2008

Creating for a Cause; A Shrine Challenge

Hello my fellow Craftistas, Artistas and Chulos.

A fellow blog sister is in need of your creativity for a cause. Rose of Altered Rose and myself have already joined the pachanga and are ready to create and donate!

Posted from Rebecca of Recuerda Mi Corazon

imagine.....cigar box shrine art for street children of oaxaca


you. one cigar box. a willing heart. favorite art supplies, and an afternoon, changing the life of a child.


please consider joining our silent art auction transforming an ordinary cigar box into a shrine to place among other thoughtful artists like yourself. together they will be posted for all to see and bid on in a silent auction where the money will benefit street children of oaxaca. as each memory box is returned it will be posted in our shrine photo gallery, where each piece will hang for brazen bidding to make a difference in the lives of others.

when your shrine is complete please mail to:

rainbow stained glass, 3036 cochise drive prescott valley, arizona 86314

please include your name, title of your piece and a preferred link back to you (blog or website), typed clearly on a piece of paper and included in your box when mailing. we will photograph your contribution and post in a photo gallery with a link back to you. we will also offer each participating artist an icon they can post on their side bar to guide their viewers to the gallery. please be sure to sign the back of your shrine and include your card for the future receipent. the final deadline for receiving shrines is january 10. through the generosity of sarah fishburn and angela cartwright an article of the shrine project will be featured in their march addition of pasticcio quartz, featuring photographs of our shrines, and announcing the on line auction to benefit street children of oaxaca.


It doesn't get any more inspiring than that, que no? I hope to see all your creations in her gallery real soon!


Bean said...

This is such a great idea!!

3rdEyeMuse said...

the timing is too perfect! I just came upon five cigar boxes this past week AND have been to Prescott Valley (actually driven through a number of times) when I lived in Phoenix ... all the signs are telling me to participate, so I am in. (I'll leave a comment on Rebecca's post, too).

Thanks! ~M~

Belinda said...

isn't it a sweet thing to do!? hope you'll join as well and look forward to seeing your shrine :)