Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mixed Media Frida Painting up for Auction

Yes, I am giving Ebay a try. It has been 10 years since I sold anything on Ebay. Boy has it changed and wow, it was a whole lot easier than it used to be! I took almost 10-15 minutes to list an item back in the day.

Anyway, I have gotten so many mixed reviews about listing and not listing onEbay, that I thought I would test it out myself. I am starting the auction on the above piece for 5.00 U.S. dollars! It ends in 4.5 days. A great chance to bid on a piece of my soul for 5 bucks! haha.

This piece is a smaller piece, 3 inches by 7 inches and is on wood. I woodburned Frida, and then painted, and added multiple layers in the background. The painting is then sealed in encaustic wax.

I am a color whore, so most of my work tends to be bright and in your face.

Here is the link, and thanks for checking her out. I call this piece, "Sprung" I should have called it "No one in the corner has Swagger like me" hee.



Anonymous said...

I love your art! Beautiful. You are very talented.

glorv1 said...

Hope you enjoyed the menudo. Your art is great.