Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hand Painted Faux Felted Fabric Tutorial/How To

Yes, it is time for another super easy, super fun tutorial. I have been playing with this for a while, and I swear to Gah, people always ask me, how on earth did I do this? I love it whenI break it down, and they just shake their heads in disbelief. Yes, it is that easy. This is another great project you can do with the Nino's.

I call this "Hand Panted Felted Faux Fabric" because it really does look like fabric when it is done. You you can used these sheets with lots of different crafts and mixed media projects.

Ready? Yes!

Supplies: Sharpies,Prisma pens or any other permanent ink pen.
Diaper wipes: Yes, you heard me, Diaper wipes. I bought mine at the dollar store.

You will also want want to protect your workspace. I use a nonstick craft sheet, but you can use newspaper or wax paper, you just want to make sure your pens don't bleed onto your work surface.

Optional, but not necessary, is a heat/embossing gun.

That is it!

Step 1. take out a blank diaper wipe and start inking it up! draw swirls, stars, pictures, words, anything! Go Graffiti or go dainty, just go for it. I like to use bright colors, but you can go as soft or hard as you want. Don't worry about trying to be all perfecto, because the colors will bleed into each other and also, you most likely will be cutting and tearing this sheet later. Remember, these sheets work as both a focal point of your project and it also works great as background sheets for layering.

Cover up your sheet, the best you can.
After your sheet is good and completely covered, your next step is to wait till it is completely dry. You can leave it out to dry or, if you are impatient like me, break out your embossing/heat gun and slowly dry it, being careful not to scorch your sheet.

It is so hard to see it on your computer, but trust me, it ends up with the look and feel of felted fabric. Some diaper wipes are textured, and that even adds to the effect!

Now, I am sure you are thinking, Ok Yoli, this is "cute" but what can I do with these sheets?

I am glad you asked, here are a couple of crafts that you can do. However the possibilities are endless!

(here is a dry sheet)

Some projects to kick start your imagination.

(still kinda wet) I cut out a piece in the shape of a skull and attached it to a note card and embellished with black paint and glitter.

This is an art journal page in progress. I gave my heart some wings.

Oooooh, I tore bits and pieces and added it to this lil Owl ATC card. It is all soft and fuzzy and looks like funky little feathers.

Can you tell I am having fun? The possibilities are endless, and I would love to see yours!

Saludos, and happy Creating.


artsygringa said...

Love this!! gonna try it soon. I wonder if you can sew it onto something? I also love your Sunday post. All of the colors and traditions are so amazing.

Krissi said...

LOL Michele!

I KNOW you can sew it on something, but I wouldn't try washing it!

Awesome tutorial AGAIN Yoli!

Sacred Yoli said...

Thanks girlies. and yes, I would sew this onto something that does not have to be washed!