My recent trip to SoCal

Hello Chicas, this here blog is so long overdue. (I am really trying to fight this pattern I have been creating)

I wanted to share my weekend of July 11th and 12th with Yall. I had the honor of teaching two classes in two different fabulous venues. The Santa Clarita Craft lab and C.J's Angels. As if that wasn't enough, I also got to stay with the beautiful Cyndi Garcia and her wonderful "show biz" familia. :D

I couldn't count down the days fast enough! Work had been extremely stressful and hectic, and although I would be teaching, this was truly going to be a de-stresser for me.

Friday the 10th, I filled up my tank and ipod and drove down the 5 (in Chinga) to Valencia, California. It is a straight shot from Sacramento, and because my head was floating, the 5 hour ride flew by. Before I knew it, I was in Cyndi's driveway. I think I even surprised her at my speedy driving skills.

After I unpacked, she took me to take a sneak peak of her famed "Santa Clarita Craft Lab". It was like being inside a beautiful jewelry box. From the wall colors, to her supplies, store and examples of previous projects. Everything, had it's place and was meticulously displayed. I don't know how she leaves that oasis. It is truly a dream studio and store. I am so proud of her, she has accomplished so much, in such a short time. Cyndi is a true testament to the ol saying, "Good things happen to good people".

After a short tour, we headed to a local Mexican restaurant for some cold cervesa and dinner.
Because I was so excited, I had trouble sleeping and I don't think I passed out till around 2:30 am! No worries, I woke up with ease and was ready to celebrate Frida Kahlo's birthday at my first class.

Everyone came ready to party and create their own lil Frida Kahlo doll. Here are some photos of my beautiful students in action.

(pics ganked from Cyndi Garcia. Don't you just love the net?)

The above hot chica is Cyndi Garcia. Rarwwww.

How fab are these dolls? I am telling you, my Fridas really kicked some booty with their doll making skills!

Close up.

Fridas con Chulas

Oh, this was such a fun class! Not only were we creating, but we were partying in the process. Cyndi hooked it up with a big ol spread of yummy treats and we also purchased an amazing Tres Leches cake in Frida's honor. I still look back at this class and feel so blessed.

Again, special thanks to Cyndi for believing in me and inviting me to teach this class. I look forward to teaching again. Cyndi keeps an amazing ongoing calendar of classes, so be sure to check out her website often. She has teachers from all over the country lined up to share their wisdom.

After class was over, Cyndi and I headed out for a quick bite, before settling in her Casa for some relaxing and maybe even another beer. lol.

But wait, there is more. I actually got to bed a little early, because on Sunday I had another class awaiting me. Cyndi graciously drove me to Pomona, so that I could teach my Mixed Media Collage Fresco Tile class. Another amazing Chica that I have known online for quite sometime, and who I actually got to meet in person earlier at the Crafty Chica Cruise had invited me to teach at her most sacred Store and Workshop. None other than the adorable, Annette Armas of CJ's Angels.

This would be the first time I taught this class, so I was pretty nervous. I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to translate the steps in a way that would keep the students inspired. Fortunately, I had my angels with me, and right from the gate, all my beautiful students jumped right in and blew me away.

Since pictures speak a thousand words, let me just share with you all the wonderful creations.
Because there is so much to share, I am creating a slide show for you. You will see all my beautiful students, their creations and lots of imagry of all the fine merchandise that CJ's Angel's carry. If you are a mixed media artist, this place is a bonanza of ephemera and shrine making supplies!

Annette and Jose, thank you so much for arranging the time for this class. I truly appreciate your support. You have a beautiful thing going, and I am so proud to call the both of you my friend. Also, shot out to your amazing and talented daughter, Theresa.

To my students, it was a sincere pleasure meeting you all and I hope you all had just as much fun as I had. Your talent not only blew me away, but inspired me even more.

Again, to Cyndi and her beautiful family, thank you so much for the beautiful hospitality. (and the yummy cafecito) You guys are always welcomed at Casa Manzo. Special shot out to Tyler, thank you for letting me stay in your room. I am sure there are so many other young chicas who wished they were in my place. :D

Saludos to all of you,



rebecca said…
you rock! welcome back and thank you for all the inspiration and visual feasting!!!

hope celebrating frida has you all primed to join in on the shrine project just announced...
GlorV1 said…
Sounds like it was a lot of fun. I enjoyed the slides and the all the people looked so involved. How brave you are to drive the freeways. I am afraid of driving on the freeway. Great post.
Cyndi Garcia said…
it was a great pleasure having you teach at SCCL! and i look forward to your return! next time plan to stay longer!
Tammy and Rob said…
The Frida dolls are que lindo and thanks for the slide show!
Oh how I wish I was in Cali so I could learn and laugh with you and the rest of the chicas!
Have a fabuloso weekend!!
Oh my gosh, wish I could have been there! Looks like so much fun! Love the Frida dolls!!! Hugs***Renea
Hi Yoli! I would have loved to attend such a festive class! Your Frida's are simply Fabulous!!! Thanks for coming to visit! Have a lovely Friday!

Lisa :)